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Since only a handful of debris can clog your rain gutters and leave your home unprotected against the damaging effects of water, it is vital that your gutters remain free flowing year round. You can STOP cleaning your gutters forever when The Gutter Guys install their GutterGard™ gutter protection system.


The only way to guarantee that your gutters remain clog free every day of the year is to have our gutter guard system installed on your home. GutterGard™ by The Gutter Guys comes with a lifetime  no-clog warranty and will protect the wood on your roof and fascia from deteriorating. Avoid the aggravation of slippery sidewalks, cracks in your foundation, potential injury, and replacing decorative landscaping with the only permanent solution, GutterGard™.

We install and replace gutter guards in Pennsylvania (most often near Philadelphia), South Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware.

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Why The Gutter Guys!

How it Works

As you know when your gutters are clogged they overflow and the water washes away your, landscaping, causes cracks in your foundation, you get water in your basement and mold.  You can see that from the ground.  What you don’t see from the ground is the damage that occurs behind and above the gutters. Your gutters are the same height in the back as they are in the front.When your gutters overflow in the front they overflow in the back and the fascia and roof edge soak up that water like a sponge and that will cause any wood to rot.

We effectively extend the roofline using the same aluminum as our gutters are made of.

We custom cut the GutterGard and slide it between the starter course and the first course of the shingles and screw it to the lip of the gutter with ceramic coated screws. We do not nail, glue or screw it to the roof.  This way it will not void your roof warranty.

Our GutterGard is guaranteed to handle 11 inches per hour. In October 2012 Hurricane Sandy’s rainfall was only 9.5 inches of rain for the entire storm.

Besides our GutterGard there are only three other types of gutter protection products out there, screens, filters and helmet type products.

Everybody knows screens don’t work.


Did you ever hear of a filter that didn’t need to be cleaned or replaced?

clogged filter

Helmet type products have a long horizontal opening that allow pine needles and other large debris to enter the system which will eventually clog the rain gutter and the opening.

Helmet Type

Unlike the helmet type guards our louvered openings are the key to how our system works. Any debris that is small enough to fit through these openings will easily wash out through your downspout. Any other debris will not inhibit the flow of the water and will fall harmlessly to the ground.

Our GutterGard comes with a lifetime no clog guarantee, lifetime guarantee on the material, lifetime guarantee on the workmanship and our undivided responsibility. In the unlikely event that there is ever an issue you only have to call us and we will handle everything. Once again we do not pass the buck.

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Copper Roof


Call 1-800-GUTTER-1 or contact us today for a fast and free estimate!