Gutter Guards Elsmere Wilmington

I am very happy w/the services provided by The Gutter Guys. Ryan Wise was my sales rep. and fully explained the gutter system itself and its benefits. My house has many trees in the back and one in the front and my gutters were always full. I was tired of having to worry about cleaning them and I was really worried about damage from water not draining properly and damaging my roof. Ryan fully explained their system, with many examples to include photos and actual demonstration, answered all my questions, and when I had follow up questions, he was right there with the answers. Ryan is very responsive, polite, professional, and kind. I truly enjoyed our interactions together. He helped me schedule my installation appointment and the company called the day before to confirm the time they would arrive. They arrived 5 minutes early (I loved that!) and their work was done within 3 hours. They completely cleaned up all the mess before they left. My new gutters/gutter guard look great! Ryan helped me pick a color that looks really good with my roof and shutters. I also asked them to install a small piece of gutter which drains the water from my second floor roof down into the lower gutter on the lower part of the roof. They used a piece of gutter which matches the color of my roof and it looks great!! Now my roof won’t get worn away by the water constantly washing over that one particular section. It’s hard to put into words how relieved I feel now, in that my house feels “safer.” A huge load of worry has been removed from my shoulders, and I have the confidence that if I have a question or concern in the future, this company will be around to address it. That’s part of why I chose The Gutter Guys. Their solid business reputation and their years in business. I know I can count on them to deliver a first quality product and stand behind it. I highly encourage anyone with questions or interest to contact The Gutter Guys and have their rep come out. Let them show you what the system is about and how it works. You will immediately see the difference in this high quality system versus other types of systems. I am very happy with my decision to use The Gutter Guys and I am especially happy with Ryan Wise. Thank you all.

Pam M
Elsmere / Wilmington