Gutter System Newark DE

Seamless Gutters & gutter system re-configured & Installed, Newark , Delaware:

We seldom take the time to write online reviews, usually tending to leave reviews only for the extreme experiences, from worst to ultimate best. Also, as small-business owners ourselves, we tend to have clear ideas of what good customer service should be like for the customer, so, if anything, we are probably among that group of ‘hard to please’ customers. Having said that, we really wanted to write about our experience with the Newport Delaware branch of Gutter Guys — because it was so very positive.

Our story:
We learned of this office of Gutter Guys from a neighbor who gave them a good review for having his gutters cleaned. We called and Ryan Wise came out to present options of cleaning, installation etc. Off the bat, I sensed that Ryan was a nice guy, an able communicator and someone who knew his stuff around gutters. I respect any salesperson who truly listens and isn’t obviously going rote through some script they memorized. Ryan has been with Gutter Guys over ten years, starting as an installer. That alone tells me something about the quality of the business.

During his presentation, Ryan had a working model of their type of system for gutter guards(patented) which was great to see how it works. He also had many pictures of other types of gutter guards(competition). Ryan laid out all options, from cost to do a cleaning one time, to giving us a quote with several options within it to install gutters for our two story home. We liked the prices offered and opted for doing gutter guards for our whole house to include a re-design of our downflow drain pipes etc. Great price and lifetime (of the house) guarantee — so guarantee passes to next owner.

Setting the schedule was a challenge due to all the rain, but their dispatchers worked with us to do the installation on a day good for us, completed in under 2 weeks from our meeting with Ryan. Did the whole job in one day.

The workers (3 + a supervisor) were very friendly and informative, answering questions etc. They were real ‘worker bees’, always busy and on the move. Don’t think they took a lunch break, or even any break. No sitting around for them. These are the kind of workers we would hire for our own business — great work ethic.

The finished product is terrific and we are delighted that we had it done. We had a supervisor who stopped by to adjust one soffet which had come loose (in about 3 minutes) and received a thank you card AND a call-back from the company. So…obviously we rate this business 6 stars out of 5 and we’re happy to recommend them, whether for gutter cleaning or upgrading one’s gutter system. Totally satisfied, thanks to Ryan, Jason and crew too.
Dana & Yoko Lewis
Sycamore Gardens
Newark DE