Half-Round Gutter Installation & Repair in PA, NJ, MD, and DE: Aluminum & Copper Half-Round Gutters

Whiter half-round gutters installed in Cape May, NJ by The Gutter Guys
Whiter half-round gutters installed in Cape May, NJ by The Gutter Guys

All rain gutters are meant to collect water and safely channel it away from your building. But there are many ways to do this, so gutters come in a variety of shapes, styles, and materials.  Of the options on the market, half-round gutters are a classic. They get their name from being shaped like one half of a round pipe, and are a favorite of homeowners for their refined and elegant appearance.

We install half-round gutters made from aluminum and copper, usually 6-inch. Which material is best for you depends on your building, budget, and tastes.

Aluminum gutters are lightweight, durable, and resistant to corrosion. They need minimal maintenance and are available in a wide range of colors, allowing for a lot of customization.

Copper gutters are known for their aesthetic appeal and durability, making them a popular choice for high-end and historical buildings. Often they naturally develop a patina over time, known as verdigris, which most people consider a great look. Those who prefer the bright-copper look for longer can have the gutters sealed with an antioxidant.

Installing half-round gutters

Half-round gutters are more challenging to install than many newer styles, because they need hangers and brackets designed for their specific shape. Standard hidden hangers (like from Lowe’s or Home Depot) don’t work on half-round gutters, but we can use a special type of hidden hanger if we’re installing them on a flat fascia.

We offer seamless gutter installation, in which we custom-make the gutters on site for you, to fit the specific measurements of your building. Seamless gutters are formed from a single piece of gutter material, instead of being put together in small sections, removing the need for seams along the length of the gutter.

Most customers, but not all, opt for seamless gutters. They have some advantages over gutters installed in sections:

1. They are less likely to leak over time.

2. If left uncovered, they’re less likely to catch debris and become clogged.

3. They have a smoother appearance than sectional gutters.

Repairing half-round gutters

We can repair the half-round gutters you may already have installed. Whether it’s replacing a few feet of damaged gutters, most of a roofline, or somewhere in between, we can fix your gutters. If you suspect there’s an issue but the cause is not obvious, we’ll find it by thoroughly inspecting the entire gutter system for leaks, damage, incorrect pitch, clogs, and other problems.

Benefits of half-round gutters

Half-round gutters were the standard style used in buildings before the introduction and widespread adoption of K-style gutters in the mid-20th Century. If you have a historic home or a building with classic design elements, half-round gutters are often the most authentic option.

For curved and rounded rooflines, half-round gutters can complement the architectural lines and give you a seamless, visually appealing transition from the roofline to the gutter system.

In some cases we can repair half-round gutters, whether or not we installed them.

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