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The Gutter Guys HarrisburgMichael Barton owns and operates The Gutter Guys office servicing Perry County, and has been working in the gutter industry since joining his father’s gutter cleaning and repair business in 1990. After his father passed away, Mike decided that he could better serve the needs of his customers by becoming part of The Gutter Guys. Mike now proudly serves our customers all across Perry, Cumberland and Dauphin Counties.

In inclement weather, rain gutters are your home’s first line of defense against water damage. Unfortunately, gutters can become clogged with even a small amount of debris, and if water spills over it can rot the wood around windows and even cause cracks in your home’s foundation.

Even with traditional gutter guards, problems can still arise due to design flaws in many of these systems. To help protect your home, The Gutter Guys manufacture our own gutter guard system that guarantees that your seamless gutters in Perry County will remain clog-free for life!

Our gutter guards are proven to handle 11 inches of rain per hour, and ensure that you’ll never have to worry about water damaging your home again! Our local gutter installation technicians would be happy to provide you with a fast, free estimate for this innovative system or even a quick gutter cleaning service. Whether your home requires an extensive gutter replacement project or a simple gutter repair, you can depend on The Gutter Guys!

The Gutter Guys’ well-trained and courteous technicians consistently provide our local communities with award winning service and professionalism. Our gutter cleaners in Perry County are happy to serve customers in Duncannon, Newbloomfield, Liverpool, Marysville, Newport, Loysville, Ickesburg, Blain, and Shermansdale.

Please contact The Gutter Guys at 1-800-GUTTER-1 for any rain gutter service you may need. We look forward to adding you to our growing list of over 500,000 satisfied customers!

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