Spring Cleaning – Remember The Gutters

Spring Cleaning

By Chuck Johnson

As we enter March, we begin to see our neighbors outside inspecting their yard and home looking for what needs to be renewed, repaired, replaced or cleaned after a long harsh winter.

With this the home improvement stores start buzzing again and the sound of yard maintenance usually signal that spring has arrived. The usual sales for fertilizer and deck sealants abound, as homeowners know the importance of getting an early start on their lawns to prevent weeds, and to seal the deck to prevent major damage from the rain and snow.  What most homeowners don’t know is that one of the most important items to be maintained this time of year will require them to look up at the rain gutters.

While you walk around your lawn picking up branches and raking leaves that fell from winter wind gust and snow, remember if it landed on the ground it probably also landed on your roof and in your gutters.  Failure to keep your gutters functioning will cause the same damage to your roof and fascia wood that rain and snow will cause to your deck if not properly maintained.  If you would not wait until late spring to start your lawn care, why would you wait to maintain your gutters?

Spring Cleaning The Gutter Guys


So even if you had your gutters cleaned in the fall, early spring is the time to get the first cleaning and inspection of your rain gutters, to protect your home from the damaging effects of water.  Call The Gutter Guys for a fast free estimate to get your gutters cleaned and inspected.

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