The Gutter Guys Barnegat

I live in Barnegat and I bought my house 3 years ago. I thought it was time to have my gutters cleaned. I scheduled an appointment with The Gutter Guys for 9:00 AM. At exactly 9:00 AM a very impressive young man named Mike showed up. I explained what I needed done and told him no one has been up there since I bought the house so I don’t know what he’ll find. He took a look at the gutters all around the house. He told me “Hey, as much as I’d like to take your money, there’s nothing we can do for you. Your gutters are fine.” Now he could have told me anything. He could have said my gutters were getting clogged or something and I would have believed him. But he didn’t. You can’t put a price on that kind of character. If and when I do need gutter work I will certainly call The Gutter Guys and I will recommend them to anyone who needs gutter work done. And Mike should be promoted. As long as he is the face of the company they have nothing to worry about.