Gutter Guys Fairless Hills

Well the third time was the charm. First time local guy asked me how he was supposed to reach the gutter at the top of the house over the garage…thought that was his expertise; second time the gutter company I called insisted that I didn’t have to be home to have my gutters cleaned, but I insisted I wanted to be home. After their calling me several times wanting to come out and insisting I didn’t have to be there, I cancelled our request. They still called us and even sent a gutter cleaning person to our home…felt like we were being harassed. Now being apprehensive, I went on-line to research Gutter companies and selected The Gutter Guys. Their representative Mr. Flynn was courteous enough to call us and say he was running 10 to 15 minutes late. Mr. Flynn has a real nice way in communicating with people and it was obvious he knew his job, The price was very fair and the cleaning job was done quickly and professionally. It can rain now…thank you Joe Flynn and “The Gutter Guys”!

Sue D
Fairless Hills, PA