Gutter Toppers Milltown

I’m so happy I decided to hire The Gutter Guys!! First, the salesman Bill is a dream to work with. He is courteous at all times and will answer any questions you have for him. He is always available by phone and even one year after my initial installation, picked up the phone when I needed to discuss something with him. Let me start by saying I was getting a new roof, soffits, gutters, downspouts and adding gutter toppers as we did not originally have them. This work was all being done in 2018. Now I needed to hire and coordinate all the work. I had my roofer, who originally gave me my price including the gutters, soffits and downspouts. But I wanted to hire a company to put on my gutter toppers. I did all the usual research, by asking neighbors and looking online. I happened to mention to my mom, who lives in Delaware that I wanted to get gutter toppers and she said they had some installed by a company called The Gutter Guys and she LOVED them and they are guaranteed for life, even after you sell the house. So I looked them up. Unfortunately, I am in Middlesex County and they only “seemed“ to be located as far north as Mercer County. But I made the phone call and inquiry anyway. I told Bill, my salesman, that I had researched all the usual suspects and after all was said and done, I wanted to hire them. Let me backtrack for a second. I did research on all the other companies that offer gutter toppers. Not one of them compared to what I saw when I compared them to The Gutter Guys. They need absolutely no maintenance at all. They come in a large selection of colors to match any roof or color scheme. They never clog. They look amazing, so good that they blend right into our new roof. And who the heck guarantees them for the life of the house? Even if you sell the house, they guarantee goes to the new owner!! So back to talking with Bill. I told him I wanted them to do my gutter toppers so he came out to make measurements and go over everything. Once he was here, I decided I wanted their company to also do the gutters and downspouts. I mean they were doing the toppers, so it only made sense since they had to install and pitch it all. I explained it to my roofer (who I also adore) and he said “No problem!” and he readjusted my price for the roof. So, I had the new roof and soffits done and then I had The Gutter Guys come and do the gutters, downspouts and toppers. The crew came first thing in the morning, worked very politely and hard all day long, cleaned everything up and in one day the had the job finished. They also gave me a very long handled brush that I can walk around and clean the ”face” of the gutter toppers if a small leaf needs to be wiped away. But I’ve never needed to use it. And let me tell you, I am surrounded by trees. Before getting the toppers, we had to go up on the roof all the time to clean out the gutters. In one year’s time since putting them on, we have never needed to do that again. They are not cheap quality either. They are a bit more money than the other companies, but WORTH EVERY penny!! I cannot stress that enough. You get what you pay for. I am so satisfied with my decision to go with this company. And I’m so happy that Bill came into Middlesex County to help me out and sell me their product. Even my roofer was impressed with how they look and work. You can look them up online or call them at 1-800-GUTTER1. Tell Bill that Marybeth sent you! You will not be sorry. You will only be sorry if you DON’T go with The Gutter Guys and go with a lesser quality topper from a different company. Also, check out their videos online on why they are the best gutter toppers you can get. I’m telling you they really are!! Quick update: This year, 2019, I am having new steps put on the front of my house. There was a small drip coming from one of the gutters that was hitting the steps and we didn’t notice it until the new steps were being put in. I called Bill and explained what was going on and he said quite calmly ”It’s covered in the warranty!” So they are sending someone out to look at it and adjust it. You have no idea how good I felt that they are standing behind their product and quality service. You should only have to put in gutters toppers once in the life of the house. Make the right choice and choose The Gutter Guys!!