Hellertown Gutter Guards

Hellertown, PA
We had all new five inch gutters with leaf guard installed on January 14, 2022. Two installers arrived on time and ready to work. I had a couple of installation concerns and they were discussed with the lead installer. He contacted his boss and the OK was given with no additional costs. Our house is a split level design with two connecting hip roofs. The upper level has spouting on four sides and the lower level on three sides. There are two downspouts located a each house end. Removing the old gutter was hindered by all of the ice and leaves that filled up over half of the gutter system. The removal and installation of the gutter system and yard cleanup was very professional and completed in one day. The gutter system has performed flawlessly with snow, ice, sleet and hard rain. We are very satisfied and on a scale of 0-5 we would rate this a 5.