West Nile Virus and Gutters

by Chuck Johnson

West Nile Virus and Gutters – What Do They Have in Common?

West Nile Virus | Gutters | The Gutter Guys

Photo courtesy of JJ Harrison – Wikimedia.com

This past week television news and newspapers from Philadelphia, PA , New Jersey, Delaware  and Maryland  and across the nation have been talking about how this West Nile virus outbreak  has been the worse since the disease was first discovered in the U.S. in 1999.  The CDC list many ways to reduce your risk of becoming infected, as well as ways to reduce breeding areas for mosquitoes.

One of the best ways to reduce breeding grounds is to remove standing water around your home; some of the areas often recommended include bird baths, flower planters, water bowls for pets and pool water.  While these are great locations to start an can be easily seen while looking around your home, one of the worse locations for breeding mosquitoes is not so easily seen, your rain gutters.  The NJ Department of Environmental Protection states that millions of mosquitoes can be caused by clogged rain gutters.

Don’t put your family at risk of West Nile Virus, and don’t put yourself at risk from injuries or worse by cleaning your own gutters.  See my previous post about hiring a professional gutter cleaning company for tips on Who Should Clean Your Gutters.

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